Since our founding in 1942, Hilasal has always acted on the belief that respect for the individual, for the communities in which we operate, and for the environment are at the core of our success.



I am personally committed to the Group's adherence to these guidelines. I welcome calls from any of you wishing to discuss these guidelines, and I especially encourage you to visit any of our facilities. My direct line is 011 (503) 2338-4188.

Ricardo Sagrera B.
President and CEO


Labor and Social Welfare Policies


Our labor and social welfare policies are fully compliant with national labor laws and regulations. More importantly, they are based on mutual respect and dignity for the individual.


Wages, Working Hours and Conditions


All our employees are paid in excess of the legal minimum wage, and we maintain a 44-hour work week. Voluntary overtime is compensated according to local laws. Our industrial and worker safety programs are in place to guarantee a safe, clean working environment. We adhere to a strict policy of hiring only workers over 18 years of age. Extensive safeguards are in place to ensure total compliance with this policy.

Our employees enjoy a variety of benefits provided by Hilasal:

• Subsidized health care
• Pediatric clinic for their children
• Annual health and vaccination programs
• Paid maternity leave
• Two-week paid vacation
• Retirement plan
• Annual bonus
• Availability of personal loans at preferential interest rates
• Educational loans and scholarships
• Free transportation
• First class education facility for workers and their families with a 3-year curriculum in English and computer technology.

There is no discrimination for gender, race, religion or ethnic origin and our workers enjoy the right to free, peaceful and lawful association.


Environmental Policies


We have assumed a leadership role in promoting environmentally conscious practices and programs:

• State of the art water treatment and conservation facilities
• Complete quality control laboratory for water treatment control
• Work with environmentally conscious suppliers
• Use only biodegradable dyes in our processes
• Promote annual national reforestation programs
• Support local schools
• State-of-the-art environmentally friendly boiler

About Us

Since 1942, Hilasal’s reputation as one of the world's largest suppliers of custom terry products for clients on four continents has been surpassed only by our reputation for quality and customer care.